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The Surge Party Wagon | November 2015 - July 2018 | R. I. P.

What is Surge Radio?

Surge Radio, established December 2000, has been pumping out  "Dance Hits & More" for over 20 years! Surge first came on the air as a pirate radio station, broadcasting on FRS Channel 8 in Lancaster, California. Later, streaming online and broadcasting on 96.3 FM & 102.1 FM in Lancaster, disappearing for a time, then returning as an internet radio station in 2011, relocating to Eastern North Carolina on 100.5 FM in Duplin & Pender counties and 710 AM covering all of Eastern North Carolina, for a time on 104.5 FM in New Bern and Washington, later overnights on 102.9 FM & 104.7 FM in Kansas City, and returning to purely internet radio. While Surge Radio no longer broadcasts as a terrestrial or internet radio station, we still continue serving you Dance Hits & More via our weekly updated Spotify playlist above, as well as our playlists below which dig into historical playlists of Surge Radio, as best as we're able to find the music through logs, what we can remember, and what Spotify has available. Scroll down to read about Surge Radio's history and see our gallery of photos, videos, audio clips, and more covering over 20 years of Surge history.

Surge Radio 96.3 & 102.1 was on the air in Lancaster, California in 2005 and 2006, playing Underground Metal, EDM, and a lot more. A lot of what made our playlist awesome in those days were the music of underground and local bands, which has mostly been forgotten to time. Sadly, we've only been able to include what Spotify has available. Also, a lot of this music was popular in Europe, but never made its way on to US Radio except on our station. 

WEGG Surge 100.5 FM & 710 AM was on the air in Eastern North Carolina from 2014 to 2017, playing Pop, R&B, and Dance Hits as well as Old School Classics. This playlist is pretty extensive, yet because going through endless music logs is quite time consuming, we haven't (yet) been able to add every single song that Surge played. However, we're confident you'll come across many songs you'll remember from Surge 100.

Surge Listener Lounge is a playlist featuring a blend of Downtempo, Deep House, Lounge, Jazz, World Beat, Softer Dance, and Smooth Pop Classics. For those of you who were listening in our 2011 to 2014 era, many of these songs you'll remember from our Saturday morning program "The Listener Lounge" and we continue adding more great Chill tracks. TUNE IN AND CHILL OUT!

This is The Surge Drum & Bass List. From Jan 2011 to Feb 2014 & Jan 2017 to Nov 2020, Surge Radio had at least one Drum & Bass track in the playlist every hour. Here, we've taken as many of those tracks as we could find, most of which are Liquid DnB, and laid it out for you.

The Story of Surge Radio

Surge owner Ken Santarelli a.k.a. DJ Whammy, circa 2002, in the old studio in Lancaster, CA.

Former Surge Personality DJ Morningstar in the old Surge Studio, circa 2006, in Lancaster, CA

Former Surge Resident DJs Mizu and Malice broadcasting live at Sami's Donuts in Quartz Hill, CA.
Sadly, DJ Malice passed away in September 2021.

Surge co-owner Ken Santarelli, former personality Modulus interviewing Cosmic Gate at Redbury Hotel in Hollywood

Former Surge Residents DJ Episode and Dan Da Mix Man
Spinning live on Surge from Feel Good Fridays at
Ruben's Bar & Grill in Lancaster, CA

The station that would eventually become known as Surge Radio was first launched at 8pm on December 28, 2000. Broadcasting on FRS Channel 8 (467.5625 MHz) across the west side of Lancaster, California; FRS Radio Station DPI5 was on the air every afternoon 3pm-9pm with a small playlist of just 48 songs, which slowly would grow to thousands. The rest of the time FRS Radio Station DPI5 was a simplex repeater service. The station gained a following despite sound quality limitations and the unorthodox method of transmission.

In June 2001, FRS Radio Station DPI5 began broadcasting 24/7, and was alternately known as "Europa Plus Antelope Valley," weaving together a mix of local programming with simulcasts of Europa Plus 106.2 FM in Moscow during the daytime and Digitally Imported Trance overnight. By early 2002, the station had expanded to FRS Channel 3 (462.6125 MHz) in the Quartz Hill area, FRS Channel 10 (467.6125 MHz) in West Palmdale/Rancho Vista, and FRS Channel 14 (467.7125 MHz) in East Lancaster.

The station opened an IRC chatroom on GamesNet to communicate with listeners, and eventually began streaming online at 24kbps MP3 (same quality as AM radio). After an investigation was initiated by the Antelope Valley Amateur Radio Club, FRS Radio Station DPI5 came to an abrupt end on the night of May 7, 2003. The station relaunched a few months later as an internet-only radio station offering 96kbps and 24kbps MP3 streams; offering less simulcasts and more unique programming.


In June 2004, the station began a collaboration with a group from Ukraine, and became known as "Zed Radio, The Online Party Station" which primarily featured a Dance Hits format blended with Deep House and Downtempo with both Russian-speaking and English-speaking personalities, and included various Russian-language syndicated programs from Ukraine-based FDR Media Service, as well as English-language specialty programs of various genres; the most notable being in-house production Mandatory Metal-For True Headbangers with Vaughn "Zombie" Meyer & Kyle "Wee Man" Bundy featuring Underground Metal. The collaboration ended in March 2005, and the station went offline for just under a month.

On April 22, 2005 the name "Surge Radio" was officially adopted and the station signed on under its new identity. The format started similar to that of Zed Radio, excluding Russian-language programming. Within a few months, the format evolved to encompass a wider variety of music and programming. The music format would include mainstream Dance Hits, Underground Metal, Underground EDM, and local Antelope Valley bands and artists of various genres, including Rock, Metal, Punk, and Hip Hop; as well as a few off the wall additions (i.e. Guy Lombardo's hit from 1947, "I'm My Own Grandpa"). Programming included Democracy Now, Free Speech Radio News, Alternative Radio, and other news and political commentary, as well as Comedy programs, Punk Rock and Metal specialty programs, and simulcasts of programming from Ministry of Sound Radio and Europa Plus Radio.


Surge Radio was briefly apart of the micropower radio movement as it was simulcast on a 5-watt FM signal at 96.3 FM which covered approximately 60% of the Antelope Valley. Later, a 2-watt FM signal at 102.1 FM was added for supplemental coverage, but was shut down after being contacted by KSCA 101.9 FM in Los Angeles. 96.3 FM was shut down shortly after a construction permit was issued for 96.1 FM in Mojave, CA.

After Surge Radio's micropower radio era, Surge split into 4 separate internet streams: Surge Radio - offering primarily Hard Rock, Punk Rock, and non-music programs; Brutal Surge - offering Death Metal, Black Metal, and Grindcore; Extreme Surge - offering Metalcore, Groove Metal, and Thrash Metal; and The Pulse (named as a homage to late KENU-Pulse 1330 in Washington) - offering Dance Hits and Underground EDM. All of Surge's channels signed off on May 7, 2007 as a result of a proposed royalty rate hike. The Pulse, however, continued streaming, but was later rebranded as "Rave HD, The High Desert's Dance Authority." Rave HD signed off in February 2009.

In January 2011, Surge Radio made a return as a LoudCity-member internet radio station, with a format which was an amalgamation of various types of music, heavily focused on Electronic Dance Music but also including older Rock, Metal, and other tracks from the original Surge library. Surge was broadcasting, for a time, from a studio at BLVD Today Cafe/King Photo Supply on Lancaster Blvd. In April 2011, after a period of refocusing and refining, Surge became a current-based Dance Hits format; alternately known as "The Surge of SoCal." Surge was promoting shows in the Antelope Valley and shows at various venues across Southern California, including shows in Hollywood, Anaheim, Lake Elsinore, and more. Live broadcasts were conducted from venues like BeX Bar & Grill and Ruben's Bar & Grill in Lancaster, The Avalon in Hollywood, and more. Surge interviewed artists live including Cosmic Gate, Emma Hewitt, and JES; and had ticket giveaways for shows including Chris Lake at Voyeur Nightclub in San Diego. Surge was the only internet station to broadcast from Cosmic Gate's "Wake Your Mind" tour. Surge staff members became infamous for calling in and troll advertising Surge on the Blog Talk Radio program "True Capitalist Radio" with Ghost, ultimately earning them the award of "Best Fail Troll" at the 2011 Ghosties. In early 2012, Surge was simulcasting nightly on KNIZ 90.1 FM in Gallup, New Mexico. The Surge Radio brand was trademarked with the United States Patent & Trademark Office in the summer of 2013. When LoudCity ceased operations in February 2014, Surge also ceased broadcasting. Surge Radio had a final sign off party at Ruben's Bar & Grill in Lancaster, CA.

In October 2014, Surge Media, LLC was formed in the state of North Carolina. On November 15, 2014 Surge made its third appearance, this time in Duplin County, North Carolina on WEGG 710 AM serving "From The Capital To The Coast!" and W263BE 100.5 FM serving Duplin, Pender, and Sampson counties. The station was branded as "Surge 100". Michael Oaks (owner of, former PD of KNRJ-Energy 92.7 & 101.1 in Phoenix, AZ and former APD/MD of KVBE-Vibe 94.5 in Las Vegas) was at the helm as Music Director and Assistant Program Director from November 2014 to August 2016. Surge 100 offered a Dance-heavy Rhythmic Hot Adult Contemporary music format, and was infamously known for playing Dance remixes of current hits. In addition, Surge 100 offered North Carolina News Network, Southern Farm Network, AccuWeather Reports, Local High School Football, Wallace Chamber of Commerce Talk Show, Community News & Information, and Sunday Gospel programming.


Surge Media sponsored many local events including the Duplin County Sheriff's Ball, Wallace Strawberry Festival, Beulaville Hog Wild Festival, Kenansville Muscadine Festival, Rose Hill Poultry Jubilee, A Taste of Duplin County, and more. Surge was regularly seen in the community, conducting many remotes at various local businesses, festivals, and events. Robert Osborne's Afternoon Drive show was simulcast on WDJS 1430 AM in Mount Olive, North Carolina from December 2015 to August 2016.

On March 1, 2016 Surge Radio expanded its coverage by taking over WSTK 104.5 FM, serving Beaufort, Carteret, Craven, Hyde, and Pamlico counties; including New Bern, Little Washington, and Morehead City. Surge quickly grew in popularity, even achieving a 0.5 share in the Jacksonville-New Bern-Greenville market ratings, despite 104.5 not covering the entire market and frequent tropospheric interference issues during certain parts of the day. However, with small businesses in the market being very disappointed by the results of local commercial radio and the advertising dollars of larger companies being controlled by advertising agencies that refuse to invest in anything other than large corporate radio; Surge Media was unable to generate even a single penny from WSTK, and ultimately was faced with the difficult decision to terminate the LMA on WSTK effective August 31, 2016.

On September 1, 2016 WEGG-Surge Radio 100.5 FM & 710 AM relaunched with all new imaging, and a refocused format with a heavier focus on Dance music; incorporating many songs previously heard on The Surge of SoCal. On October 30, 2016 Surge Media entered into a time brokerage agreement with KCXL 102.9 FM & 1140 AM in Kansas City, Missouri and WEGG-Surge Radio began simulcasting nightly 12am-6am (plus Sundays 6pm-6am) on KCXL. KCXL added another translator at 104.7 FM, adding supplemental coverage in downtown Kansas City. Surge began hosting bimonthly events at Papa's Coffee Express in Liberty, Missouri.

Surge's involvement with the Duplin County NAACP sparked controversy, as the NAACP was involved with lawsuits against local hog farms for civil rights violations (as seen in the documentary, "What The Health?" between time markers 36:30 and 42:10); as a result, the local business community in Duplin County began refusing to do business with the radio station. Surge ceased broadcasting on WEGG on January 10, 2017 but continued streaming online 24 hours a day with the same line up of personalities and mix shows intact, as well as overnights on KCXL in Kansas City. Surge announced that it would expand its time on KCXL with every 1000 new likes on Facebook. Surge soon began broadcasting on KCXL at 11pm nightly.

Mainstream Dance music was taking an unfortunate direction away from what Surge's long-standing focus had been, instead favoring lower BPM subgenres known as Tropical House, Trap, and Dubstep. Several long-time Surge resident DJs were becoming discouraged with the state of Dance music and stopped producing new mixes. As a result of this new, unfortunate direction, Surge Media was left with a tough decision; either play the mass appeal game, or transition to online radio where the rules don't apply. Surge Media made the tough decision to end the time brokerage agreement with KCXL and signed off on July 17, 2017 at 6am. 11 days later on July 28th, Surge Radio returned as a completely automated internet-only radio stream, apart of the Live365 Network. At the end of June 2018, Surge's Kansas City studio was sold to "Kansas City Loves Oldies" internet radio and Surge's main server was relocated back to Lancaster, California.

Surge Media, LLC continued to own WEGG and leased it out to various organizations, most notably The Vine Connection Gospel Radio (September 2017 - June 2019), before finally selling it in June 2019 for $50,000 (1/4th of the original purchase price), at which point Surge Media, LLC was dissolved. WEGG is known today as WKOO-Kix FM 100.5 & 710 playing Classic Country music.

Having been cast to a corner of Christian Mergliano's garage for nearly 2 and a half years, with very few music updates during that time, Surge Radio went offline due to failure of the main server's power supply in November 2020. Since music-based internet radio has been fading out of relevance, in favor of on-demand platforms like YouTube, Pandora, and Spotify, Surge's server was not repaired. Rather than just disappear out of existence, the spirit of Surge was kept alive by way of our weekly-updated Spotify playlist. 

Former Surge Personality Brain Dead in the old Surge Studio, circa 2006, in Lancaster, CA

Resinate and Surge host Halloween 2011 Drum & Bass show at Ruben's Bar & Grill in Lancaster, CA

Former Surge Personality Modulus
and Surge co-owner Ken Santarelli
with singer Emma Hewitt

Former Surge Personality V-Man a.k.a. DJ Zombie and Surge co-owner Christian Mergliano, Live at Grand Opening of Crown Valley Pharmacy in Acton, CA. April 2011

Former Surge Personality, Modulus
with singer JES at The Avalon in Hollywood, April 2012.
JES would later host a show called "Unleash The Beat" on

Surge 102.9 FM/104.7 FM in Kansas City, October 2016 - July 2017.


The original 2005 Surge Radio logo designed by Alec Burckle

Surge 100.5 FM & 710 AM sponsored 6 of the 18 holes for the 2015 & 2016 UNC Lineberger "Swing For The Cure" Breast Cancer Research Fundraiser Golf Tournament at River Landing in

Wallace, NC.


VIDEO: Former Surge Personalities Amber Rose and DJ Turtle live in the studio.


Surge Kansas City Studio, in service January 2017 - June 2018.


Surge 710 AM on The Dairy Express Ice Cream Truck in Wilmington, NC

Surge Party Wagon with KCXL frequencies printed on the back window.


The Surge Radio server installed in Lancaster, California. In operation July 2018 to November 2020. Surge was fully automatic without a studio.


Shay Murray in the Surge studio

Amber Rose in the Surge front office

Surge Party Wagon with SURGE Missouri plate


Surge Radio fan art made by
Brooke Marie Smith
of Liberty, Missouri
April 18, 2017


Limited Edition Surge Cologne,
only produced in 2017.


Former Surge Radio office and studios | 322 E Main St Wallace, North Carolina 28466
Built in 1930 as a private residence, it was later divided into a mixed usage building with a commercial office in the front and a residential apartment in the back. The front was the office of James Cavender Accounting for many years, until sold to Surge Media, LLC in August 2015. The front housed the offices of Surge Media, LLC and the main studio of WEGG 710 AM & 100.5 FM until September 2018.


Amber Rose "The Midday Miss"

Middays, November 2015 - April 2016


The ladies of Liberty Tax in Wallace, NC bring Robert Osborne a pizza in honor of National Disc Jockey Day.
January 20, 2016


Surge Radio 100.5 FM & 710 AM broadcasting live
11pm-3pm, December 18, 2015
Pender Youth Competition Cheerleaders
Benefit Barbecue at Family Dollar in Burgaw, NC


Surge Radio's ad in the Sampson Independent Newspaper


The Surge of SoCal studio - Lancaster, California

In service January 2011 - February 2014


Robert Osborne
Surge Radio Sales Manager
January 2015 - January 2017
Afternoon Drive Host
August 2015 - June 2017


DJ Turtle, formerly heard evenings on Surge Radio 100.5 FM & 710 AM in North Carolina, January 2016 - April 2016, and overnights on Surge Radio 102.9 FM & 104.7 FM in Kansas City, October 2016 - June 2017.


Surge Radio 100.5 FM & 710 AM along with Buzzy The Bee of Bee Hive Thrift Store in Clinton, NC on location at Sampson County Business Expo in November 2015.

Robert Osborne and Bree Jones broadcasting live from the open house Cape Fear Parrot Sanctuary in Pink Hill, NC
September 2015

1966699_714271558606175_1223394781_n (1)

Live at Ruben's Bar & Grill, 2014 in Lancaster, California

Left to right: Surge owners Christian Mergliano & Ken Santarelli, and former Surge resident DJs Chubbs, Dan Da Mix Man, Episode, and Cueball.

Sadly, DJ Cueball passed away in January 2022 due to complications from COVID-19.


Bree Jones doing board op for The Community & Small Business Update, hosted by Lee Woodard. At old WEGG-Surge Radio studio on Hwy 117 in Rose Hill, NC.


Surge making a difference in the community through allowing participation of local students, and supporting the efforts of local children's associations (i.e. Duplin County Cub Scouts). Surge also was involved in student mentoring for Duplin Early College.
Surge received an award for community involvement from the Cornerstone Community Development Cooperative in Warsaw, North Carolina in 2015.

Surge Radio 100.5 FM & 710 AM, top tier sponsor of the Duplin Roads Civil War Reenactment at the Wallace Train Depot in Wallace, NC
March 2015


Leonard Fillyaw, mayor of Teachey, North Carolina
On the air on Surge Radio 100.5 FM & 710 AM
Erica Payne board op


Studio of Surge Radio 100.5 FM & 710 AM
3236 South Highway 117 in Rose Hill, North Carolina
In service November 2014 - August 2015


Erica Payne in the Surge Media office in Wallace, NC; performing routine updates to the public file of WEGG 710 AM & W263BE 100.5 FM, October 2015, in the days before public files were 100% digital. Robert Osborne in the back.

Surge Party Wagon with NC frequencies and SURGE100 NC license plate.


J Romelle in studio with actress Irene Santiago, November 2015
Erica Payne board op


Surge Radio sponsored the 2016 Pender County Relay For Life

Duplin County Cub Scouts at the old Surge office on Hwy 117 in Rose Hill, NC.


Kinston City Councilwoman Felicia Solomon along with Chris J. Suggs, founder of Kinston Teens, at Surge Radio.


J Romelle with Brad Carter, senior pastor of Kingdom Builders church (today known as Calvary Wallace)


Fan-made Surge logo, by Cedric Cobb of Wallace, North Carolina
If it weren't for the fact that our main logo is trademarked, we might have made the switch over to this one.


Surge Radio sponsored the Charity Middle School Cheerleaders Float at the 2015 Wallace Christmas Parade


Surge Radio broadcasting live from Mik's Bar & Grill in Wallace, North Carolina
Who needs a jukebox when you have Surge? 😁


Lee Woodard along with Curt Simpson, president of Simpson Real Estate Group in Wallace, North Carolina and president of the Greater Wallace Chamber of Commerce


In memory of Lee Woodard, director of the Duplin County Small Business Center at James Sprunt Community College, and host of the Community & Small Business Update on Surge Radio 100.5 FM & 710 AM. Lee Woodard also briefly hosted a Saturday Afternoon R&B/Blues show on Surge.
Lee Woodard passed away the evening of Saturday, December 7, 2019.

VIDEO: Surge Top of Hour ID recorded from 102.9 FM K275BQ Kansas City, Missouri

Orlando Jones InterviewRobert Osborne
00:00 / 12:28

Robert Osborne interviews Actor Orlando Jones
Live on Surge Radio 100.5 FM & 710 AM

Video recording of The Community & Small Business Update with Lee Woodard and guest Ken Santarelli, Sr. (Father of Surge co-owner Ken Santarelli).
Two brilliant minds that are no longer with us.

VIDEO: Robert Osborne gives shoutouts on the Afternoon Drive

Robert Osborne in the studio with the ladies of J. Lily Salon & Spa Clinton, NC

The Surge Party Wagon at the 2015 Wallace Christmas Parade.


Surge Billboard on Hwy 70 in New Bern, NC


Darlene Leysath (right) hosts the Hope & Wellness Show on Sunday morning at the former Surge studio on Hwy 117 in Rose Hill, NC. Pictured (left) is show guest, Ashley Ezzell, a local massage therapist.

Surge owner Ken Santarelli with the Cape Fear Storm Trooper at the Taste of Duplin event at the Duplin County Event Center in Kenansville, NC.

Former Surge Personality J Romelle with Dr. Obasohan, Superintendent of Duplin County Schools; after Saturday morning interview


Big Ray Da Hitman, live on location at

2016 Garland, NC Community Day

Surge Radio was the official 2015 & 2016 sponsor of the Duplin County Dixie Boys Youth Allstar Baseball team.

Amber Rose at the
2016 New Bern Home & Garden Show
at the Riverfront Convention Center

in New Bern, North Carolina

Robert Osborne along with GALOT Motorsports
Live at Buffalo Wild Wings in Smithfield, North Carolina

Robert Osborne representing Surge at the NAACP North Carolina State Conference in Raleigh, NC.


Bree Jones broadcasting live at
Sei Bella Boutique & Photography Studio
in Kenansville, NC


Lee Woodard hosts the Community & Small Business Update on Saturday morning at the former Surge studio on Hwy 117 in Rose Hill, NC; Bree Jones board op.


Surge on location at the
2016 Muscadine Festival in Kenansville, NC

Surge Billboard on I-40 in Duplin County, NC.

Robert Osborne and Bree Jones
Live at Del Rio Mexican Restaurant in Wallace, NC.

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